June 5
Zach Saucier
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Just Read Shared Example

Just Read Premium allows you to share pages in your customized Just Read format along with any annotations and comments that you have added.

There are lots of different annotations that you can make including highlighting (even in different colors!), bolding, italicizing, underlining, striking through text, and changing the text color (again in several colors). Use keyboard shortcuts to do any of this. Of course, any deletions and edits of the content will be removed as well. You can even add your own comments!

Get Just Read Premium and start reading and sharing web articles in the way that you want to.

Other benefits of Just Read Premium include custom scrollbars, auto-scroll functionality, gradient text lines gradient text lines for improved readability, and domain-specific content selectors. Not sure what those are? You can learn about them in Just Read's FAQ section.

Give it a try!


This is my favorite part!